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Gensets - Clip on Generator

Specific Temperature Set Point Solutions

The dependable Genset benefits from the most advanced technology and a highly reliable design.
Dawsongroup offer a cost effective, robust reliable power solution with enhanced flexibility. 
It allows you to keep your products cool any where at any time. 

Engine Specifications

ENGINE TK Diesel engine 30.1 hp, mechanical direct injection, naturally aspirated with closed crankcase ventilation
FUEL TYPE No. 2 diesel (under normal conditions) / No. 1 diesel (cold weather fuel)
ROTATIONAL SPEED 1890 ±10rpm / 1560 ±10-0rpm
GENERATOR 460/230Vac, 3Phase, 60Hz
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SG+1.5 microprocessor controller
BATTERY 12V, 925 CCA at –18⁰C (0⁰F)
FUEL TANK Included in all models
SG CLIP-ON 473l (125gal)



can power all types and makes ISO refrigerated containers / PolarStores with its 30.1hp engine.


Has a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution display allowing for easy use.


Designed for tough conditions it boasts a robust steel frame which clips onto the front of your refrigerated container.


Extended maintenance intervals allowing 3,000 hours between services.

Refrigerated Container Repair

At Dawsongroup we offer our customers the full service so you have a piece of mind to know you are covered. 
Our after-market sales consist of full service and maintenance programme for both the refrigeration equipment and your PolarStore container. 
We service all makes and models Thermoking, Carrier, Daikin, Starcool , door seals, handles and container body repairs. 
Call our service team today for 24/7 breakdowns. We are here to keep you cool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control the temperature of Dawson’s Cold Room remotely?

Yes, our cold room offers an optional feature for remote temperature monitoring, providing peace of mind and precise control.

Can I place the cold room on uneven ground or for dock loading?

Absolutely, you can customize your cold room with support legs for stability on any terrain, facilitating dock loading or placement on uneven ground.

Is it possible to add internal shelving to the cold room?

Yes, you can improve organization and efficiency by adding internal shelving to your cold room, enhancing its storage capabilities.

What features of this commercial cold room help if there is an intermittent power supply?

To ensure uninterrupted operation during power interruptions, we offer a clip-on generator set as an optional feature.

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