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Hospitality Industry

Cold Storage For The Hospitality Industry

Dawsongroup’s Hospitality Refrigeration Solutions bring innovation and reliability to the forefront of the hospitality industry. We understand the unique demands of the sector and offer state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions designed to enhance your hospitality operations. Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant, a catering service, or any other food-related business, we understand your nuanced needs. Keep your patrons happy and your food fresh with Dawsongroup’s solutions. 


Inflatable Technology dawson

Market-Leading Inflatable Technology

Our hospitality refrigeration solutions incorporate market-leading inflatable technology, ensuring efficient and adaptable storage for your hospitality needs. This innovative approach allows for flexible storage options, catering to the dynamic nature of the industry.

Chilling and Blast Freezing dawson (1)

Chilling And Blast Freezing Available

Efficiency is paramount in hospitality. Our units are equipped for both chilling and blast freezing, enabling you to swiftly cool down or freeze perishable items while maintaining their quality. This versatility ensures your hospitality operations run smoothly.


247 Breakdown Cover dawson (2)

24/7 breakdown cover

Downtime is not an option in the hospitality industry. We offer comprehensive 24/7 breakdown cover to ensure that any operational disruptions are promptly addressed, guaranteeing the seamless functioning of your hospitality business.

Local and remote alarm systems dawson

Local and remote alarm systems

We prioritise the security of your hospitality assets. Our refrigeration solutions feature both local and remote alarm systems, providing real-time monitoring and alerts to safeguard your inventory, even when you're away from the site.

Consultancy Expertise

Our consultancy services are tailored to the unique requirements of the industry, offering insights and recommendations to enhance efficiency, maintain quality standards, and optimize your hospitality processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a cold room important in the hospitality industry?

A cold room is crucial in the hospitality industry for preserving perishable items, maintaining their quality, and ensuring food safety. It provides a controlled environment for storing ingredients, preventing spoilage, and meeting regulatory standards. This is important for any player in the hospitality sector as it ultimately contributes to the overall success and reputation of a hospitality business.

How does Dawsongroup address operational disruptions in the hospitality industry?

The Dawsongorup provides comprehensive 24/7 breakdown cover to ensure any operational disruptions are promptly addressed, minimising downtime.

How does Dawsongroup's use of inflatable technology benefit the adaptability of hospitality refrigeration storage?

Our market-leading inflatable technology in refrigeration solutions enhances adaptability by providing efficient and flexible storage options. The inflatable technology allows for dynamic adjustments in storage capacity, accommodating the changing needs of the hospitality industry. This innovation enables businesses to optimize their storage space based on varying inventory requirements.

What does the 24/7 breakdown cover entail, and how does it contribute to minimising operational disruptions in the hospitality sector?

The breakdown cover involves a comprehensive support system that ensures prompt resolution of any issues with refrigeration units. This cover includes immediate response to breakdowns, on-site repairs, and expert assistance at any time of day. 

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