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Bakery Industry

Cold Storage For The Bakery Industry

We are dedicated to serving the bakery industry with cutting-edge cold storage solutions. As experts in the field, we understand the unique requirements of bakeries when it comes to preserving the freshness and quality of baked goods. Our cutting-edge refrigeration technology for chilling, blast freezing, and emergency cold storage is designed to keep your baking products fresher for longer. Keep those delicious baked goods fresh for longer with Dawsongroup!

Services Offered

interior temperature range dawson

-70°C to +45°C Interior Temperature Range

Our cold storage solutions provide the flexibility you need to maintain the perfect environment for your bakery products. With an interior temperature range from -70°C to +45°C, you can confidently store a wide variety of baked goods, from delicate pastries to frozen dough.

Chilling and Blast Freezing dawson

Chilling And Blast Freezing Available

Efficiency is key in the bakery industry. Our units are equipped for both chilling and blast freezing, allowing you to rapidly cool down or freeze your baked goods as needed. This versatility ensures your products maintain their quality and freshness while meeting your production schedule.


247 Breakdown Cover dawson (1)

24/7 Breakdown Cover

We understand that downtime is not an option in the bakery industry. That's why we offer comprehensive 24/7 breakdown coverage. Our dedicated support team is ready to respond to any issues promptly, ensuring the continuous operation of your bakery without interruption.

Expertise dawson (1)


Leverage our bakery industry expertise to optimise your bakery operations. Our consultancy services are designed to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations, helping you fine-tune your processes, improve efficiency, and maintain the highest quality standards for your baked goods.

Consultancy Services

Our industry knowledge is at your disposal. We offer consultancy services tailored to your specific bakery requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature range of Dawsongroup's cold storage solutions for bakeries, and how does this cater to the diverse needs of baked goods?

Dawsongroup’s cold storage solutions offer an interior temperature range from -40°C to +45°C. This broad range accommodates various bakery products, from delicate pastries that require lower temperatures to frozen dough that benefits from slightly warmer conditions.

For businesses in the bakery industry, what advantages are associated with choosing Dawsongroup's cold storage solutions in terms of both hire and purchase options?

Dawsongroup provides versatile options for businesses, offering both rental and purchase choices for cold storage solutions. This flexibility allows businesses to align with their storage requirements and choose the approach that best suits their cold chain requirements.

How does the availability of chilling and blast freezing in Dawsongroup's units benefit bakery operations?

The units are equipped for both chilling and blast freezing, enhancing efficiency in the bakery industry. This versatility allows rapid cooling or freezing of baked goods, ensuring products maintain quality and freshness while meeting production schedules.

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