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Blast Freezer & Chiller Range

Specific Freezing & Thawing Solutions

DawsonGroup’s Blast Freezers and Chillers are available NZ-wide for hire or purchase. Our advanced units offer precise control over air circulation, enabling tailored blast freezing, chilling, and thawing for your products. With reversible cycles for precise thawing, we empower your business to meet its specific temperature needs.

Temperature, Size and Specs


Temperature Range

-40°C is achievable in 10ft and 20ft, 40ft can achieve +60°C



Available in 10ft, 20ft & 40ft sizes


Easy Access

Featuring easy-open double doors with a convenient 70/30 split for hassle-free entry.


Secure Design

Comes ready with an 18-metre cable, 5-pin plug, and 440v, 3-phase power supply, including earth and neutral connections.

Container size Operation range Number of Refrigeration Machines Model number
10ft (3m) HC -40°C to +45°C 1 BF1096
Blast Freezer & Chiller 20ft (6m) HC -40°C to +45°C 2 BF2096
40ft (12m) HC -40°C to +45°C 5 BF4096



Remote Temperature Monitoring

Keep tabs on your cold storage remotely for peace of mind and precise control.


Internal Shelving

Improve organisation and efficiency by adding internal shelving to your cold room.


Support Legs for Dock Loading or Uneven Ground

Customise your cold room's placement with support legs for stability on any terrain.


Clip-On Generator Set for Intermittent Mains Power

Ensure uninterrupted operation with a clip-on generator set, perfect for situations with intermittent power supply.

Bespoke Customisations

These blast freezers come in standard layouts with a 70/30 entrance at one end, and a single fridge at the other. If you have specific customisations or modifications in mind, we are more than capable of accommodating those as well. Some sought-after customisations include options for single or multi-side access, cold rooms optimised with pharma specifications to ensure they are GDP Compliant, dual refrigeration systems, and dual temperature compartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature range achievable with DawsonGroup's Blast Freezers and Chillers?

Our Blast Freezers can reach as low as -40°C in 10ft and 20ft sizes, while the 40ft variant can achieve temperatures as high as +60°C, providing flexibility for various freezing and chilling requirements.

What sizes are available for the Blast Freezer & Chiller range?

Our Blast Freezers and Chillers are available in three sizes: 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, catering to different storage capacities and spatial constraints.

How can I access the Blast Freezer & Chiller units?

The units feature easy opening single door, ensuring hassle-free entry for efficient loading and unloading processes.

What power supply options are available for these units?

The Blast Freezer & Chiller units come ready with an 18-meter cable, 5-pin plug, and a 440v, 3-phase power supply, including earth and neutral connections, offering a convenient plug-and-play setup.

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