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POLARºSTORE & TempºStore

What power supply do I need? (Polar Store)

All POLARºSTORE™ units come with a 5 pin, 32 amp, 3 phase plug which requires 3 phase, neutral and earth to operate. Call us for more information.


Plugs can be change to suit your requirements.

What power supply do I need? (Temp Store)

All TempºStore™ units come with a Power supply: 230V / 1ph OR 3ph / 50Hz / 32amp. Call us for more information

What temperature can my refrigerated container obtain?

Our containers can go to -40 to +45 deg c.

What happens if there is a fault?

Dawsongroup offer a 24/7 breakdown service. Issues are not common as our containers are under 2 years old.

Can I change the temperature of my container while it is on site?

We advise that you call your local agent prior to changing the temperature so they can log the changes on your file.

Do I need to insure my refrigerated container while its on my site?

Yes you need to have damage insurance and have the container fully covered for the value of replacement.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer 10,20 and 40ft high cube refrigerated containers. We also offer inflatable cool rooms, all these are listed on our website.

What is the minimum period I can lease the container for?

Generally the minimum lease is 3 month, it maybe longer during peak times. Contact you local agent for details.

How do I off hire my refrigerated container?

Call your local Dawsongroup agent, please advise 30 days prior to off hiring. Make sure that the container is swept and cleaned prior to returning it.